Jason Krasnits

Here are some of the projects that I've worked on


CeleST is a software tool that provides an automated, quantitative, and detailed description of the C. elegans microorganisms swimming. This is done to collect data about the worm's genetic modifactions.

SimpleWebcomics CMS

A software meant to be used by artists wishing to publish their work as online comic books. The site has recently surpassed 30,000 hits.


PrePark was a hardware hack built for PennApps Fall 2014. It uses a PHP backend, a windows phone app, and an Intel Edison to help automate the process of find a parking spot in a busy place.

LabExpert Website

This is the website that I primarily worked on during my time as an intern with ReSol Technologies.


TrackrBot is a tool that allows users to essentially create an API for any service. By using a chrome extension, you can highlight a value on a website that you would like to track and stay updated with it.


TheaterStream was built during HackBCA and it functions as a virtual movie theater. On the site, you are able to sign up, login, and upload videos. Then you are able to generate a link to your theater and watch a movie in sync with all of your friends.

Image to ASCII

Image to ASCII was a small project I worked on that allows a user to upload an image and turn it into ASCII text.

Ozone Exhaust Purifier

I built this project for Google Science Fair. This is a mechanism that purifies the exhaust of combustion processes. It removes pollutants using the oxidative properties of ozone and the porosity of activated carbon.

Bitcoin Miner

This was a Bitcoin miner that I built and configured to generate Bitcoin for myself by contributing computing power to the blockchain.

Audio Ohmeter Piano

This project was built using electronic circuitry rather than microcontrollers. At first, the project only emitted a sound based on resistance it experience, but after some analysis and math, I was able to build a tonally accurate piano.

More of my work can be found on github.

Contact me at Jkrasnits@gmail.com!